brown marsellaise tile

brown Marseille Roof Tile is tradition, elegance, modernity and beauty of the classic roof on a modern roof. Easy and fast assembling, ensures the water tightness, thanks to its double channel and its side and head fit. Its brown color in all its mass makes a unique roof tile in our catalogue. It is a roof tile for the most exquisite tastes. Our Brown Marseille Roof Tile is the most versatile French flat roof tile in the market. Its design and elegance allow the creation of classic roofs with great architectural value.


measures ↕ 460 mm x ↔ 280 mm
height 3760 gr
Units/m2 11
Distance between battens 37,9 cm
frost resistance > 150 ciclos
mass coloring brown


3 heights 4 heights
base 960 ↕ mm x 1030 ↔ mm 960 ↕ mm x 1030 ↔ mm
height 920 ↕ mm 1210 ↕ mm
weight 670 kg 890 kg
Units/palet 180 240

special pieces

all our specific pieces for marseille Roof Tile, give specific solution to solve the assembly of the roof, allowing a perfect finish of the roof and guarantees its durability. Our range of specific pieces for our marseille Roof Tile are ideal to maintain the durability and beauty of your Mediterranean roof


marseille roof tile made by HDR, is the most suitable for a proper assembling of your roof. A correct execution at the roof will guarantee the durability and impermeability of your roof. Its easy placement, fixation, and versatility, makes our roof tile an essential element for your home.

the assembling of a micro-ventilated roof with HDR roof tiles, together with its range of special pieces and accessories for a dry execution, contributes to improve the technical performance of buildings, through the isolation, thermal and ventilation properties, protection against meteorological phenomena and noises, mechanical resistance, micro-ventilation, impermeability to water and steam.

further information and details for placement requirements, please check at assembling chapter in our Technical Area.



clip de teja
esponjas limahoyas
gancho cumbrera
gancho de teja
gancho universal
lamina impermeable bajo teja
lamina limahoya
lamina chimenea
peine ventilacion y anti nidos
soporte cumbrera
soporte cumbrera universal
ventilacion bajo cumbrera


Our tiles comply with all the guarantees required by the regulations of construction of the main countries.

They are produced under a rigorous control which allows us offer in all of them a guarantee of 35 years against the ice and any other hidden manufacturing defect that may appear.

Our guarantee is linked to the assembly advice indicated below. In case of doubt do not hesitate to contact our experts.



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