twenty self-built housings in Lantejuela, Seville.



project made with TERMOARCILLA® PROCERAN.

on the esplanade of an old football pitch, located on the outskirts of the village, the planning envisage the construction of three blocks of semi-detached housings. The set is connected to the urban nucleus by a street that, traced on an old road, runs between walls, agricultural buildings and cultivated fields. The block furthest from the population has been made available by the town hall for the construction of twenty housings to be executed by the future users of the same.

the lack of urban references, the absolute flatness of the terrain and the coexistence, given the peculiar characteristics of the management of the project, using a single type of housing with a simple execution and, at the same time, able to be adequately adapted to the different intermediate and extreme situations of the housings, are some of the details that determined the project orientation. The intention of providing with access for vehicles to all the backyards of the housings without renouncing the unitary character of the block planned by the planning, proposing the creation of an interior space of each collective. The housings have been arranged in rows of 8 – 2 8-2, in such a way that each one of them presents one of its ends at every corners of the block, thus initiating the alignment of the front pf the next row. This layout, is reminiscent of the movements of a windmill.


as a result, an interior space has been obtained from which the backyards of the housings are accessible; four entrances have also been obtained in such this way, one from each of the four streets which defines the block. In this manner, the unitary and integral nature of the project has been preserved, while "urban" episodes have been incorporated in the interior in an environment characterized by the absence of them.

due to the limited size of the housings and the necessary simplicity at their execution, it has been decided to solve each housing through the disposition of two bays perpendicular to the façade, which, displaced one on the other allow to reduce the spaces of circulation and distribution for the benefit of the different dependences.

this displacement between bays allows the housings to be provided with a small entrance yard from the street and to differentiate the parking and garden areas in the backyard. A central axis of circulation connects the street with the backyard allowing access to the rooms located at both sides of the same. This simple scheme enable the future increase of the housing, aspect demanded from the beginning of the project.


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