ceramic products grupo díaz redondo

grupo díaz redondo posee un amplio catálogo de productos cerámicos creados para la construcción y rehabilitación de viviendas, ladrillo cara vista, teja cerámica, bloque Termoarcilla, bovedilla, baldosa, adoquín y botellero.

mixed roof tile

mixed roof tile, all the tradition in a single roof tile

occitan roof tile

occitan roof tile, original and durable

marseille roof tile

marseille roof tile, a modern classic.

moneo roof tile

moneo roof tile, architecture for time and distance.

facing bricks

facing brick, a classic, a classic that remains unalterable.

euro33 facing brick

euro33 facing brick, european vanguard design.

clinker facing brick

clinker rústico facing brick, an innovative brick with its elegant tradition.

paradores range

paradores facing brick, rustic with a modern texture.

termoclay block

Termoarcilla® PROCERAN are lightweight cellular clay pieces of diverse dimensions and geometries .

clay block

a clay block which is ideal for use on enclosures with lower mechanical and thermo-acoustic demands.

perforated brick

perforated brick for use on exterior enclosures and interior partitions.


high-mass ventilation channel with ideal dimensions for demanding situations.

clay infill block

Clay infill block system by PROCERAN with unsurpassable deflection and punching shear resistance, as well as a high output for on-site use.

curved infill block

Clay infill block system by PROCERAN, with similar properties to the rest of the clay infill blocks, designed to provide a solution to floors where an aesthetic element is required.

manual floor tiles

manual floor tiles, all the essence of clay, nature and beauty.

ceramic paver

ceramic paver is the best solution for the paving in any space

ceramic wine rack

ceramic wine racks, the perfect product to create your wine cellar.